Tobacco Reclaimer

The Tobacco Reclaimer can process waste cigarettes/rod breaks at 100Kg per hour. The unique method of opening each cigarette without the use of knives, reduces tobacco degradation to a minimum and eliminates any contamination from filters and paper allowing the tobacco to be immediately available for reuse.

Waste cigarettes are loaded into a hopper and elevated to a vibrating alignment conveyor, where the cigarettes are positioned longitudinally along the belt for correct presentation to the opening head. The waste is lightly compressed between the belt and a serrated roller. The cigarette paper bursts along a fault line without damage to tobacco or filter. The cigarette contacts a rotary bar flail that completes the opening process and the primary separation of the tobacco.

The separated product falls down a chute onto a double-section vibrating screening conveyor. Here the tobacco passes through the screen into a vibrating chute that feeds the tobacco discharge conveyor, while the paper and filters are forced pneumatically into a cyclonic separator to reclaim any small residue of tobacco dust. The cleaned paper and filters are carried by a final vibrating screen conveyor to a waste bin.

Performance & Operating Requirements                      

  • Up to 100Kg of rejected cigarettes reclaimed per hour
  • 95% tobacco recovery rate
  • Will handle standard and capsule filters
  • High efficiency
  • Simple to operate
  • Internationally approved Overall Safety Guarding
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • CE Marked / CSA Compliant
  • Electrical Requirement – 3 phase 3.5KW
  • Weight 950Kgs

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