0% Finance! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to supercharge your cannabis pre-roll manufacturing…

Experience the ease and accuracy of pre-roll production with CME Engineering’s Pre Roll Technology, now available with 0% finance. Tailored to transform the way you operate in the cannabis industry, our state-of-the-art AutoCone machine encapsulates efficiency, precision, and versatility, setting a new standard for pre-roll manufacturing. It’s yours for a special price.

    Purchase with 0% Finance

    Why Choose CME’s Pre Roll Technology?

    0% Finance: A unique and time limited offer, allowing your business to pay for the AutoCone in instalments, without paying any interest.

    Rapid Production: Maximize output with up to 25 joints per minute* (*dependent on strain type and fill amount).

    Versatile Filling: Adjust fill capabilities from 0.3g to 1.0g, with bespoke options to fit your unique needs.

    Precision-Packed: The enclosed precision dosing auger system ensures consistent and accurate fills every single time.

    Optimised Operations: From automatic cone magazine to the servo-driven twist top closing mechanism – efficiency at every step.

    Continuous Quality Control: Internal load cells for weight-checking ensure every pre-roll meets the standard, with an auto-reject system for anomalies.

    Easy to Operate: PLC-controlled recipe selection combined with a quick cartridge swap system guarantees a hassle-free process.

    Bonus AutoCone Features:

    Achieve the Dutch Fold: Our cut and tamp facility replicates the sought-after Dutch fold style finish.

    Seamless Outfeed: Integrate outfeed conveyors for optimal output flow.

    End-to-End Solution: With downstream packing, watch your production line transform from start to finish.

    Stay at the forefront of the cannabis industry with CME Engineering’s groundbreaking AutoCone. Your competitive edge is just a click away!

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