Product Labelling Systems

CME offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Often one of the final operations prior to product being dispatched is that of labelling. As part of a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, CME supplies automated labelling systems.

Designed to meet the individual labelling requirements of each customer, these flexible systems can be designed to handle and process a range of product types and sizes, and a range of label types.

Items are presented on an infeed conveyor system before being removed and presented to a code reader, which will identify and verify the specific product or item. For systems where multiple products are being manufactured, or where different label solutions are needed, CME can incorporate separate labelling stations. These may include print and apply labels, pre-printed labels, wrap around labels or simple single panel labels.

CME systems can be designed to apply labels to bottles, containers, packaging, booklets and much more. Prior to application each label will be scanned to verify the label contents are correct, or if the contents are incorrect, the label will remain on the backing material and be rejected. 

CME provides systems and solutions for stand alone operation, which incorporate appropriate safety guarding and local control functionality, or for integration within existing manufacturing lines.


  • Can be specified for a wide range of label types and applications
  • Capable of handling different container types
  • Stand alone or integrated options available
  • GAMP compliant design and construction methodology
  • Additional technologies can be integrated

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