Robotic Pre Roll Packing

Kush Tubes and Trays

This machine provides down stream Pre-Roll packing of the product into either trays or tubes.

Performance and Quality

  • Up to 60 Pre rolls per minute
  • Auto start / stop facility
  • Vibratory product sorting
  • Vision system product identification
  • Robotic product selection and transfer to packaging
  • Full sensor monitoring for product quality and material supply
  • PLC control and integral touch screen
  • Compliant with UKCA, CE, CSA or UL regulations as required
  • Quick adjust between packaging formats & contained quantity​
  • Kush tubes / Dube tubes​
  • Packaging trays


  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors & product orientation devices
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Double machine feed
  • Link up conveyor
  • Tube load & close
  • Tin load & close
  • Carton load & close
  • Outfeed conveyors & orientation options

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