CME understands that standards are stringent in the Medical device, Pharma and Life Sciences sectors.  That is why the ability to deliver robust systems with rigorous qualifying performance criteria to include repeatability and reliability in addition to GAMP and FDA compliance are designed in from the outset in every project we undertake.

Testament to this is our proud affiliation with the Medicine Manufacturing Innovations Centre (MMIC) where CME has been selected as the preferred equipment supplier for the Just in time Clinical Trials Manufacturing System.  The MMIC catapult has been developed and funded by leading global pharmaceutical companies GSK and AstraZenca in partnership with Innovate UK and the UK Government.

With the ability to conceptualise early stage processes to delivering turnkey solutions we are able to offer a one-stop capability from product assembly to primary and secondary packaging.  Our ability to undertake proof-of-principle work, feasibility studies, DFM appraisals and FMEA leading to prototype module builds – all add to confidence and assurance in the final deliverable.

Whether the requirements are for pilot lines or fully automated bespoke systems we are able to integrate the best technologies that exist to ensure we add the most value to our client’s products.  We don’t make your processes fit a standard platform, we ensure the platforms are designed around your required processes whether rotary, linear, pallet indexing or a combination of the above.

Talk to us when you are looking to automate the assembly, handling, filling or packaging for any of the following types of products:

  • Insulin pens
  • Syringe devices
  • Catheter devices
  • Inhaler devices
  • Optics / Contact Lens
  • Aseptic filling
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Wound care
  • Medical Swabs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Life Science Products

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in confidence.

Please note we work to strict NDA’s and CDA’s with our clients and therefore cannot show all our case studies.  Please contact us if you have a pharma  or medical project requirement.

Click here to view the latest CASE STUDIES

Bottle Fill System

CME’s Bottle Fill Technology counts and inserts the correct quantity and type of tablet into different sizes of bottle or other receptacle.

Bottle Sealing and Capping System

CME’s sealing and capping system accepts bottles or other receptacles the cap is assembled on the bottle which is then returned to the main production line.

Pick and Place and Tray Handling System

CME designs and manufactures robotic pick and place and tray handling systems that allow individual bottles or tubs to be picked and placed to and from the trays as required.

Bulk Storage and Retrieval System

CME’s bulk storage and retrieval systems can handle products and / or trays. It can incorporate multiple conveyor loops and tray docking stations to provide the flexibility required to process empty, part filled or full trays, to and from the bulk storage area.

Flexible Wrapper

The Flexible Wrapper has been engineered to achieve a three dimensional size change in under one hour. Useful for over wrapping all types of cartons used in the pharma, life sciences industry.

Bespoke Solutions

CME offers a fast, reliable, flexible customer-focused approach to developing bespoke solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical devises markets.

Bulk Feeding and Product Singulation System

CME’s Bulk Feeding and Singulation system is used to sort and feed a wide range of products including: containers, bottles, caps, vials or other component types.

Code Marking, Reading & Check Weighing

CME offers a range of solutions for product marking, reading and check weighing. Marking technologies together with code reading systems deliver a holistic approach to product identification and verification.

Product Labelling System

Designed to meet the individual labelling requirements of each customer, these flexible systems can be designed to handle & process a range of product types & sizes & a range of label types.

White Stock Processing System

CME’s “White Stock” systems offer the optimum combination of manual and automated processes to deliver the flexibility required of this type of system within a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.


Our standard cartoner is robust, efficient and easy to use and maintain. It is able to produce a wide range of carton shapes and packet collations at a speed of up to 42 cartons per minute.

Mini Cartoner

Our standard cartoner is robust, efficient and easy to use and maintain. It is able to produce a wide range of carton shapes and packet collations at a speed of up to 42 cartons per minute

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