The AutoCone has been designed to produce pre rolled cannabis joints from pre made cones filled with cannabis and twisted close. AutoCone is the ideal solution for automatic cone filling in the legal cannabis pre-roll industry. Our advanced pre-roll machine is designed to optimise production speed and accuracy, giving your business a competitive edge.

Performance and Quality

  • Throughput Capacity – up to 25 joints/minute* (*dependant on strain type, fill amount)
  • Fill Capabilities – 0.3g to 1.0g, bespoke options
  • Servo drive throughout
  • Enclosed precision dosing auger feed system
  • Automatic cone magazine and cone de-nesting
  • Cone Re-Forming Station
  • Cone sensor system (open and available for fill) Bulk Hoppers with full sensor monitoring system
  • PLC Controlled recipe selection anti bridging pins compacting station, and twist station
  • Servo driven twist top closing mechanism with height adjustment
  • Internal load cells for individual cone check weighing, with feedback loop to filler for precision weight control
  • Automatic cone discharge and reject station (for under/overweight cones)

General Operating requirements

  • Wide range of cone sizes available including 1¼, 98/26 Slim, 109/26 King to 120mm and 140mm larger cones
  • Operators are required to fill the cone magazine (8-10 high)
  • Operators fill the cannabis Cartridges or have preloaded  cartridges ready to swap in and out in seconds

Autocone Options

  • Cut and tamp facility to replicate Dutch fold style finish
  • Outfeed conveyors
  • Downstream packing

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