Automated Core Temperature Probe

CORE product temperatures are measured using advanced Automation without human intervention.  This improves a product processing lines performance by speeding up production times, reducing inaccuracies, reducing headcount and delivering cost savings.

Performance and Quality

  • Accurate & repeatable core temperature measurements are collected
  • Automatic sampling with random and programable options
  • Allows cross band variation monitoring & profiling
  • Automated data logging – reducing inaccuracies in data collection
  • Programmable testing schedules – time & duration
  • Designed for high care wash down environments, IP65


  • Easy, intuitive user interface with recipe-based menu functions
  • Automated self-calibration system,
  • Automated probe sterilisation
  • Tamper proof data logged & available for trend analysis
  • Options for data transfer available
  • Automated temperature profiling from each sample
  • Provides continual trend
  • Options for feedback to ovens for automated control
  • Visual & audible alarms for over or under set temperature parameters
  • Removes the need for handheld probe and working around oven exits
  • Sampled product automatically removed from line
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • CE Marked

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