Bulk Feeding and Product Singulation System

CME offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

In many applications manufacturing begins with a requirement to present bulk product, which then needs to be sorted, orientated and presented as individual items to the production line. CME’s industry compliant solutions can be used to sort and feed a wide range of products including: containers, bottles, caps, vials or other component types.

Our bulk feeding and singulation units are designed around the specific requirements of individual applications in terms of product variants, bulk hopper capacity, product feed rate, component escapements / singulation units, product sensing and discharge height etc.

In the example shown here, which is an integral part of a sophisticated multi-operation system designed and built by CME, the bulk storage and singulation system handles, orientates and presents two different sizes of tablet bottles to the line. Each bottle is also marked with a 2D matrix code for tracking and process verification purposes.

In keeping with GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practices), attention to detail is ensured for compliance with regulatory standards, improved quality, optimum efficiency and validation of process control. Stainless steel is used extensively in construction to maintain the strict hygiene standards demanded by the sector.

System safety guarding and local control functionality is also available if required to enable stand alone operation.


  • Suitable for a wide range of product types and industry sectors
  • Stand alone or integrated options available
  • GAMP compliant design and construction methodology
  • Bulk storage capacity to suit individual requirements
  • Options available on Feed System Technologies
  • Additional technologies can be integrated

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