Tax Stamping and Labelling

CME provide a selection of Tax Stamping and labelling machines.

Tax Stamper

As well as accommodating a range of stamp positions, we also have a range of flexible machines to apply stamps to bottles, tubs and larger cartons or tins.

The Tax Stamper has been designed to attach tax stamps of different sizes to suit the market in a range of stamp positions.

Stamp Positions

CME offers bespoke tax application machines which are designed and built to suit the product and stamp requirements, as well as tax stamp position conversion or size change on existing machinery. In addition, we provide GD style AB stamp applicators supplied with the necessary fitment kit to upgrade an existing machine.

All machinery is built to a high standard and includes:

  • PLC conversion built to customers’ specification
  • Independent drive for standalone application
  • Adhesive application options including open pot or HHS programmable system
  • Standalone or incorporated into machinery complexes
  • Various stamp positions
  • Optional stamp serration
  • Sensor or camera stamp detection
  • Multiple in-feed positions

The Flexible Stamper – Tubs, Tins and Cartons

Performance & Quality

  • Up to 120 packs per minute
  • PLC controlled with touch screen visualisation
  • Hot melt or cold PVA glue system
  • Camera inspection for missing or misplaced stamp
  • Automatic faulty product reject
  • Standard 20 x 44mm pre-cut stamp, change parts to suit other sizes available
  • Various stamp positions available
  • Missing/misplaced stamp pack reject
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • CE Marked / CSA Compliant

General Operating Requirements

  • Electrical – 11KW (dependant on options)
  • Pneumatics – 6.5m3/H @ 6 Bar
  • Approx. weight – 850Kg


  • Change parts & quick easy adjustment for multiple pack sizes
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors & product orientation devices
  • Extended hopper for longer batch runs
  • Stamp serration knife
  • Remote diagnostics

Tax Stamping on Pouches

This Machine is able to stamp pouches in a range of thicknesses, widths and depths:

Pouch Thickness077
Pouch Width75230
Pouch Depth100305

Tube Labelling

This machine labels upto 60 picks per minute (to suit line speed, faster is available if required) plus multiple tube size configurations.

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