When a requirement cannot be fulfilled by existing equipment from CME or our peer group, CME can offer a range of design services to enable a bespoke solution to be tailored for a customers need.

Please contact us to discuss any bespoke requirements in full. Our full range of design services include:

1. Automation consultancy:

  • Initial concept discussions
  • Overall equipment concept flow diagram and cost estimates

2. Feasibility or concept studies:

  • Design of concept rig(s) for risk reduction
  • Manufacture and testing of concept rigs
  • Design review, learning and updates from testing

3. Bespoke machinery design:

  • Detailed complete design concept and cost estimate
  • Prototype machine design and build if required
  • Production machine design and build

4. Factory Layout Planning

  • Layouts designed with you to suit required machinery and maximise use of available factory space

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