We hold large stocks of high quality spares for a wide variety of tobacco machinery such as Molins, Hauni, GD, Focke, Sasib and Marden Edwards.

In addition to our vast stock holdings, we have a large manufacturing capablity that allows us to produce any additional parts as necessary. We also have extensive contacts which enable us to source other parts for both primary and secondary equipment, ensuring we provide our customers with a complete spares solution.

These services help our customers keep their inventory of spares to a minimum and, with over three decades of experience in this industry, we have the production and technology expertise to support the end users.

CME also has its own research and development centre which constantly investigates additional products to meet the ever increasing requirements for availability and competitiveness.

Our wide range of cigarette and tobacco machinery spare parts undergoes strict testing and quality control procedures to ensure that the final product meets the high standards demanded by our customers.

Making and Handling

  • Molins MK8/PA7 or MAX III
  • Molins MK9/MAX-S or PA8
  • SASIB Makers
  • Decoufle Makers
  • MTS Makers
  • Hauni Protos 70, 80, 90 and 100
  • Hauni HCM, HCF or Uniflow
  • Hauni KDF1/KDF2
  • Molins MFE/OSCAR
  • Focke 317
  • Hauni Magomat/RESY
  • GD AM14
  • Cigarette Overhead Conveyor

Cigarette Packing

  • Soft Cup
  • AMF 3-79
  • SASIB 3000
  • SASIB 6000
  • GD X1
  • Shell and Slide
  • Molins M2
  • Molins Duplex
  • Hinge Lid Box (Flip Lid)
  • Molins HLP 1,2 and 4
  • HLP 180
  • HLP 225/250
  • HLP 300
  • GD X2
  • GD X2 NV
  • Focke 350/350S
  • Focke 800
  • CME Bespoke Equipment

Cigarette Tax Stamping

  • Molins
  • CME 225
  • CME 300
  • GD AB
  • CME universal
  • Focke

Wrapping, Cartoning / Parcelling & Overwrapping

  • Scandia
  • Sasib CP1
  • Molins WMH2
  • CME 300
  • CME 400
  • CME Cartoner
  • CME Jumbo Cartoner
  • CME Mini Cartoner
  • GD 4350 / Pack S/ OW
  • GD Pack B
  • GDC600
  • Focke 401/408
  • Marden Edwards

Tobbaco Machinery Spare Parts Export Consolidation

Sourcing parts and materials can involve negotiating with a number of different suppliers in several countries. Using CME’s export consolidation service means that we do all the hard work for you and submit a single invoice for all the materials supplied.

Instead of dealing with a range of suppliers, often in different countries with separate financial terms and conditions, you deal with just one – CME.

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of tobacco spares and machinery we are experts in identifying sources of high quality materials. We are nominated export consolidation agents for a number of tobacco customers and buy for companies worldwide, so are ideally placed to negotiate favourable rates.

Placing a single order with CME simplifies the ordering process and eases finance enabling our customers to buy all the high quality materials they require quickly and easily.

We offer export services to all destinations worldwide and can deliver to the airport, port, or direct to your door. All shipments can be tracked online from shipment to delivery.

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