AutoTwist Pre Roll Finishing

A manually operated bench top unit, easily placed in a unit. It automatically twist finishes hand filled / vibration box filled Pre-Rolls.

Performance and Quality

  • Throughput Capacity – up to 20 joints / minute* (*subject to manual loading / unloading)
  • Multi load fixtures provide easy manual loading & unloading of multiple pre-rolls
  • Automated twist for consistent pre-roll production
  • Servo driven twist grip for high quality recipe-controlled twist close, reducing potential for tearing.
  • Servo driven height adjustable twist mechanism for to accommodate a multitude of cone sizes
  • Intuitive PLC control interface with recipe selection allowing call up of previously saved favourite settings
  • Semi-Automated system, manual loading & unloading with automated twist finishing
  • Product areas stainless steel or food grade plastic
  • Integrated control cabinet

General Operating Requirements

  • Single person operation
  • Recipe driven change over for cone size & finish
  • Manual fixture loading / unloading

Utility Requirements

  • Power: Single Phase
  • Air Pressure: 6 Bar

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