Pick and Place and Tray Handling

CME offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

The nature of pharmaceutical production often involves the handling, transfer and placement of receptacles such as bottles or tubs containing the medication. To optimise the transfer of product through the system, trays containing multiple receptacles are often used.

CME designs and manufactures robotic pick and place and tray handling systems that allow individual bottles or tubs to be picked and placed to and from the trays as required, to fulfil specific operations such as laser marking, check weighing or labelling etc.

The design and configuration of these systems is tailored to the specific requirements of individual customers. The main elements of these systems often include: transfer conveyor systems, docking stations to accurately locate trays, cartesian gantry robot systems, product gripper systems, coding and scanning technologies and of course control systems. These systems can be designed to operate as stand alone units, or for integration within an existing manufacturing line.

Whether you need to pick and place product to and from trays into operational stations, transfer “White Stock” product into the line or transfer product to a bulk storage area, CME is able to design a comprehensive solution to meet your specific requirements.


  • Suitable for a wide range of applications where product and trays need to be handled
  • Capable of handling different container types
  • Stand alone or integrated options available
  • GAMP compliant design and construction methodology
  • Additional technologies can be integrated

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