Rebuilt MK9 and MAXS

The MK9 cigarette making machine is fitted with a single PLC control system, while the MAX-S filter tip attachment has two PLC’s – one for machine control, the other for high speed inspection.

The rebuilt 5000cpm machines include upgraded garnitures and ecreteur units on cigarette making machines and improved drum and knife assemblies on filter tip attachment machines.

A range of optional equipment is also available to meet the needs of specific product designs and operational requirements.

  • PLC control systems
  • Interlocked safety guarding with excellent access and visibility
  • Print registration

MK9, MAXS & HCF PLC Upgrade Kit

Bring your MK9, MAXS or HCF systems up to date with CME’s PLC Upgrade kit.

Benefit from the latest technology, which conforms to current regulations by replacing increasingly obsolescent parts on your machines’ original control system

Take advantage of simplified service, reduced maintenance and easier fault finding, plus more intuitive operator interaction with the system via touch screen interfaces

Main Features:

  • PLC control
  • New integral electrical cabinet for mounting in the conventional position
  • Siemens PLC, with TIA portal, fully programmed and installed into the cabinet
  • Siemens touch screens
  • Omron low voltage equipment (relays, contactors etc.)
  • Guardmaster centurion safety control system or similar specification incorporating dual channel safety circuit.
  • All new sensors, cables and sensor brackets
  • Replacement machinery wiring loom & components
  • Pneumatic upgrade
  • New documentation / manuals
  • Remote diagnostics facility
  • Tested prior to dispatch
  • Higher machine efficiency
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK

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