Bottle Fill System

CME offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. CME’s Bottle Fill Technology counts and inserts the correct quantity and type of tablet into different sizes of bottle or other receptacle.

CME’s filling station is designed to accept bottles from a wide range of input sources and different sizes of bottle. On arrival each bottle can be scanned to read the contents of a 2D Matrix Code or Bar Code to verify correct variant before being transferred into the filling station.

The system can be configured to accept tablets in bulk form, for example from Ezi-Dock Pharma Process Bottles. The rate of dispensing the tablets into the counter / fill unit can be controlled using a combination of an Iris Diaphragm Valve, Hopper and Bowl Feeder units, which together control the presentation of the tablets to a holding chamber linked to the bottle fill unit.

Once a bottle is engaged within the docking station and sensed as being in the correct position, the fill mechanism activates inserting the correct number of tablets to the bottle.

Throughout these operations, the internal space of the tablet fill station is both temperature and humidity monitored.

The technology described here can be supplied as a stand alone unit or integrated as part of a sophisticated multi-operation production system.


  • Designed to accommodate different bottle sizes
  • Capable of inserting different tablet types
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • GAMP compliant design and construction methodology
  • Additional technologies can be integrated Stand alone or integrated options available

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