High Volume, hygienic bottling machines customised to your exact requirements

CME offers a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Bottle sealing and capping operations are common within the Pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. CME has developed innovative solutions for these essential operations which can supplied as either stand alone systems, or part of a comprehensive automated manufacturing system.

CME’s bottle sealing and capping machines can be designed to accept bottles or other receptacles containing tablets or capsules from a conveyor or other input source. CME can tailor the specification of this station to suit the range of product types and sizes to be processed. Bottle sealing is accomplished using the induction sealing process with the seal located within the induction heating coil. Bottles will be processed through the station individually before being checked and transferred to the capping station.

Here, bottles will be accurately located before a cap is presented from a bulk feeding and orientation system. Cap torque can be set as required and once the cap has been successfully assembled the bottle can be returned to the main production line.

Detailed specifications for the product range to be processed, production throughput, and bulk storage volumes of caps etc. can be agreed with CME to ensure that the system is designed to offer maximum levels of efficiency and flexibility.

For stand alone operation, the system will be complete with its own control system and appropriate safety guarding.


  • Designed to accommodate different bottle sizes
  • Integrated induction heating process
  • Cap torque can be set as required
  • GAMP compliant design and construction methodology
  • Additional technologies can be integrated
  • Stand alone or integrated options available

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