CME are manufacturers of cannabis packaging machinery and process automation solutions. Based in the UK, we have over 40 years supporting our customers in various sectors across the globe, in markets including cannabis, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.

We produce a range of standard cannabis packaging equipment including tax stamping, wrapping, cartoning, cone filling, overwrapping and product handling.

This is complemented by a bespoke machinery design and build capability, ranging from concept or feasibility studies through to full line supply and integration, tailoring the solution to suit your specific needs.

We are committed to supporting the growth of the legal cannabis industry by providing innovative automation solutions that help our clients operate more efficiently and effectively.

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The AutoCone produces pre rolled cannabis joints from pre made cones that are filled with cannabis and twisted close.

Robotic Pre Roll Packing Machines

We supply a selection of Product packing machines – Kush Tubes and Tray Packing, Pouch Filling and Tube labelling.

Robotic pre-roll packing machine

Bag / Jar Filling Line

The ultimate solution for efficiently and accurately packaging cannabis and CBD Flower. Purpose-built to effortlessly pack cannabis and CBD flower into your chosen childproof bags or jars.

Auto Preform Cone Maker

This machine cuts and forms cones directly from paper and card reels, delivering a complete range of common market sizes.

Flexible Tax Stamping and Labelling

The Tax Stamper – Tubs / Tins / Cartons has been designed to attach tax stamps in various positions, 100 packs per minute with hot melt or PVA glue.

CME Ltd's tax stamping and labelling machine

AutoCone Lite

Designed to produce cannabis pre-rolls with a lower capital outlay compared to standard automated pre-roll technology, allowing for higher weight accuracy for lower product volumes.

AutoCone Lite produces cannabis pre-rolls with a lower capital outlay

Cylindrical (cigarette style) Pre-Roll Packaging

The ultimate solution for the packaging of cannabis / CBD straight sided pre-rolls into a hinged lid packet. Producing up to 180 packs per minute using the latest technology.

Autotwist Pre Roll Finishing

A manually operated bench top system that automatically twist finishes hand filled or vibration box filled Pre-Rolls​. Available for multiple variants.

Autotwist pre-roll finishing machine used for cannabis packaging automation

Bespoke Machinery for Cannabis

CME offers a fast, reliable, flexible customer-focused approach to developing bespoke cannabis packaging and automation solutions.

Factory Layout Planning

Layouts are designed with you to suit the required machinery and maximise use of available factory space.

Factory layout planning diagram

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