CME offers a fast, reliable, flexible customer-focused approach to developing bespoke packaging and automation solutions. We take the time to engage with our customers so that we fully understand your requirements and work with you to create high quality machinery that fits the product perfectly.

We have over 35 years’ experience in developing innovative solutions and our team of creative designers is experienced in producing concepts that meet our customers’ requirements.

Once a new packaging machine design has been tested and approved for functionality, appearance and performance, our engineers oversee the installation of the machinery to ensure it is ready for production.

CME delivers innovative solutions for a wide range of customers worldwide including Pharmaceutical, Food, Cannabis and Confectionary companies.

We can also work to short timescales, which can be critical to the success of a new product.

Below shows one example of a solution recently delivered to a UK client:

Contact Lens Blister Sealing Machine

We were asked to create a semi automated Blister Case Foil Sealing Line.

The Benefits of the line include:

  • Processing of ‘order-on-demand’ contact lens blister cases.
  • Precise lid foil stamping and placement onto blister case.
  • Automatic foil reel unwind and take-up
  • Integral automated heat sealing of foil for complete closure of blister preventing leakage of hydration solution in the case
  • Full safety with light guards for operator safety
  • Integrated overhead HEPA filtration
  • Stainless Steel construction with FDA materials compliance throughout

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