Leading the Way in Tobacco Product Processing and Packing

Decades of Tobacco Industry Expertise

Backed by 40 years of in-house experience, CME is the trusted partner of tobacco manufacturers around the world. Steeped in tradition, our tobacco processing and packing machinery is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of this ever-changing marketplace.

Offering a wealth of services – including installation, maintenance, change parts, tobacco machine spares and refurbishment – CME is your centre point for manufacturing support and process enhancement.

Comprehensive Tobacco Packaging Solutions

Tailored Services for Diverse Tobacco Products

  • Cigarettes & Cigars. Our complete solutions include hinged lid packing, soft packing, shoulder box packing, tax stamping, wrapping, cartoning, overwrapping, and more.
  • Molasses. We offer a full suite from dosing and flow wrapping to overwrapping.
  • Snus. Turn to us for efficient packing, wrapping, cartoning solutions, and overwrapping.
  • Next-Generation Tobacco Products. For innovative products like Heat Not Burn (HNB), e-liquids, and other nicotine-based items, we provide cutting-edge solutions to support your full production cycle.

Tobacco Production Technology

  • Cigarette Making. Our machine combinations will empower production of 5000 to 8000 CPM.
  • HLP Complexes. Capable of producing 180 to 300 packs per minute, our hinge lid packers are equipped with the latest technologies with flexible downstream machines.
  • GDX2 and GDX1 Rebuilds. Comprehensive packers with full rebuilds, PLC conversions, and format kits.
  • Tax Stampers. Efficient stamping solutions for diverse requirements.
  • Flexible Wrappers, Overwrappers and Cartoners. Proven in diverse environments and ideal for various pack types, including ‘jumbo’ packs.
  • Tobacco Reclaimers. A unique system processing waste cigarettes at 100kg an hour, while maintaining tobacco quality.
  • Size Change and Format Kits. Easily adjust your machinery to accommodate various cigarette dimensions and packaging formats, enhancing production flexibility.

Dependable Aftermarket Support

Partnering with CME means benefiting from our extensive technical knowledge. Our in-house engineers and technicians provide comprehensive support, including production support, machinery conversions, maintenance, servicing, problem-solving, training, installation, decommissioning, relocation, audits, and improvement recommendations.

Prevent Downtime with Expert Maintenance

Invest in the long-term performance of your machinery with our expert maintenance services. Our technical expertise ensures optimum performance and longevity of your machinery, reducing total cost of ownership.

Easy Access to Essential Components

Our vast stock holdings ensure you have easy access to spare parts for both primary and secondary equipment, maximising uptime and eliminating the stress of searching for vital components.


Bespoke Solutions to Match Your Production Goals

Customised Machinery for Unique Requirements

Understanding that each client’s needs are one-of-a-kind, CME offers both standard and tailored solutions. Our portfolio for producing niche and novel packaging is unparalleled, ensuring perfect alignment with product requirements and efficiency.


Connect with CME for Your Tobacco Packaging Needs

Elevate your tobacco packaging process with CME Automation Systems. Contact us today to discuss how our solutions can revolutionise your business.


High-Efficiency Tobacco Packaging Machinery by CME: From Advanced HLP Systems to Customised Solutions

300 HLP

The 300 HLP draws on the technology used in our successful 225 HLP and is able to produce up to 300 standard packs per minute by using a twin track filler bed system.

Rebuilt MK9 and MAX S

CME offer a rebuilt & upgraded MK9 and MAX-S cigarette making combination to high mechanical & electrical specifications.

Rebuilt GDX2

We offer X2 packers, including fully rebuilt machines, audits, PLC conversions & format kits. We also provide bespoke modification on the machinery for producing niche & novel products.

Tax Stamper

Four variants of the Tax Stamper are available. As well as accommodating the stamp positions we have a range of flexible machines to apply stamps to bottles, tubs and larger cartons or tins.


Flexible Wrapper

The Flexible Wrapper has been proven in many different and demanding production environments. Easy to operate, it has an operating speed in excess of 300 packs/minute, it is ideal for soft packs, hard packs and tin applications

Size Change and Format Kits

Contact us for format or size change projects involving systems like Molins MK9, Hauni MAX-S, HCF, HLP’s, Stampers, Marden Edwards overwrappers, and other CME machinery.

225 HLP

The 225 HLP is available as a new build or an upgrade of existing equipment. It is suitable for single and double bundle packets and produces 225 packs per minute on standard product.

Rebuilt GDX1

We offer GD soft cup packers, including fully rebuilt, rewired and upgraded machines, audits, PLC conversions and format kits.

Tobacco Reclaimer

The Tobacco Reclaimer processes 100Kg of waste cigarettes per hour, efficiently opening each cigarette to reduce degradation and eliminate contaminants, making tobacco quickly reusable.

Standard Wrapper

The Wrapper has been well-proven in many different and demanding production environments. It is easy to operate, has an operating speed in excess of 300 packs per minute and is ideal for soft packs, hard packs and tin applications


Our standard Cartoner is robust, efficient and easy to use and maintain. It is able to produce a wide range of carton shapes and packet collations at a speed of up to 42 cartons per minute.

Bespoke Solutions

CME offers a fast, reliable, flexible customer-focused approach to developing bespoke cannabis packaging and automation solutions.

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