AutoCone Lite

The AutoCone Lite has been designed to produce cannabis pre-rolls with a lower capital outlay compared to standard automated pre-roll technology to allow for higher weight accuracy for lower product volumes.

Benefits and Features

  • Typical payback of 1 year depending on production volumes
  • Average saving of 4 to 6 employees per shift
  • Higher accuracy fill than standard pre-roll production methods
  • Consistent pre-roll quality for weight, compaction, and finish
  • Output capacity 10 – 12 joints/minute* (*dependant on strain type, fill amount)
  • Fill to weigh directly into the cone, no intermediary transfer ensuring correct product weight in every cone (+/- 5% accuracy)
  • Precision dosing fill to weigh feed system with CME’s internal algorithm to optimise speed and efficiency
  • Automatic cone magazine and cone de-nesting
  • Cone re-forming station and cone vision sensor system
  • Continuous bulk product feed during operation
  • PLC Controlled recipe selection
  • Force controlled pneumatic tamp station. Tamp to defined force not to position, ensuring consistent compaction on every pre-roll
  • Precision user adjustable twist station
  • Internal load cells for individual cone check weighing, with feedback algorithm for precision weight control
  • Automatic cone discharge and reject station (for under/overweight cones)

General Operating Requirements

  • Single person operation
  • Wide range of cone sizes available including 1¼, 98/26 Slim, 109/26 King
  • Operators are required to fill the cone magazine
  • Operators to fill cannabis through continuous feed system


  • Precision cut system for twist trimming
  • Final tamp to replicate Dutch fold style finish
  • Outfeed quality control vision system
  • Cone Tare Weight system
  • Outfeed Cone check weight system
  • Outfeed conveyors
  • Downstream packing – CME AutoPack

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