Reduce Waste, Cut Costs, Improve Quality

Rejected or damaged cigarettes lead to the waste of valuable tobacco, increasing your production costs. With the cutting-edge tobacco reclaimer from CME, you can dramatically reduce your cigarette manufacturing waste and enhance your operational process.

Designed to efficiently reclaim usable tobacco from rejected cigarettes, our machine tackles the significant challenge of reducing tobacco scrap, delivering:

  • Unparalleled tobacco recovery rates of up to 95%.
  • Maximised raw material use, unleashing significant cost savings.
  • Reduced risk of tobacco degradation through CME’s market-leading technology.

Pioneering Cigarette Waste Management with Advanced Machinery

The new era of cigarette waste management is here. Engineered with precision, the CME tobacco reclaimer ensures the integrity of reclaimed tobacco while drastically cutting down environmental waste.

Capable of handling up to 100Kg of waste per hour, our machine efficiently recovers valuable tobacco for immediate reuse, setting a new standard in waste processing.

Discover the Innovation for Yourself!

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    Key Advantages

    The CME tobacco reclaimer is remarkable in its high performance and ease of use. Its advantages include:

    • Superior Recovery Rate. With up to 95% tobacco recovery, our machine significantly outperforms many others on the market, ensuring minimal waste and maximum value. Compared to less efficient systems which recover significantly less tobacco and potentially cause damage, our machine’s innovative design – featuring serrated rollers instead of knives – preserves the quality of reclaimed tobacco.
    • Innovative Separation Technology. CME’s non-invasive separation technique perfectly separates tobacco from filters and paper, maintaining the purity of the reclaimed product and preventing any degradation in quality. This is crucial for reintegrating reclaimed tobacco into the manufacturing process without limitations.
    • Space-Saving Design. Our compact machine enhances productivity, reduces downtime, and fits seamlessly into existing operations without requiring significant space.

    Technical Excellence and Sustainability Combined

    The CME tobacco reclaimer is engineered by industry experts, for peak performance in your manufacturing environment.

    • Capacity. Reclaim up to 100Kg of rejected cigarettes per hour, addressing waste directly from manufacturing errors such as filter attachment issues, loose ends, incorrect packing, or damage.
    • Quality Assurance. Our machine’s gentle handling ensures the high quality of reclaimed tobacco, allowing for its reintegration into the manufacturing process at higher ratios and various stages, unlike lower quality reclaimers.
    • Global Compliance. Adhering to international safety standards, the machine is CE/UKCA marked, reflecting our commitment to safety and quality.
    • Manufactured in the UK. Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, offering unmatched reliability and performance.

    Technical Specifications

    • Electrical Requirement: 3 phase, 3.5KW.
    • Weight: 950Kg.
    • Capacity: 100Kg/hr.

    A Revolution in Tobacco Waste Management

    Embrace innovation with the CME tobacco reclaimer. Efficient and easy to use, our machine is the ideal solution for businesses aiming to reduce waste and costs, while enhancing operational efficiency.

    Contact us today to explore how our tobacco reclaimer can set a new standard your waste management practices.

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