Press release: 2nd March 2020

A new Flexible Wrapping System has been designed to accommodate a gap in the FMCG market.  Its size range flexibility and sub 60 minute 3 dimensional size change is the result of collaboration between CME Limited, the award-winning UK engineering business, and an established automation industry partner.

This new system showcases the innovation focus and application knowledge of both  companies, enabling the delivery of a system with the unique capability for rapid set up, size change and adjustment between different product variants. The system caters for pack lengths of between 60mm and 180mm, widths between 40mm and 70mm and pack heights from 9mm to 50mm and is capable of operating at speeds up to 300 packs per minute.  Our team has also ensured the systems environmental credentials through extensive testing on biodegradable films.

CME Limited Managing Director Paul Knight commented: “This new system draws on the combined expertise of two trusted and established companies with an engineering heritage totalling some 85 years. The innovative solutions that provide the flexibility inherent in this system are a direct result of the cooperation of the respective design teams, our focus on customer led innovation and the applications knowledge resident within our two organisations”

The flexibility of this system will be a valuable asset to manufactures with multiple product variants and short to medium production runs, where quick changeover is essential to maintain productivity levels and the need for improved sustainability is high.

Click here for more information on the Flexible Wrapper

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