Rebuilt GD X1 Soft Cup Packer

We offer GD soft cup packers, including fully rebuilt, rewired and upgraded machines, audits, PLC conversions and format kits.

Performance and Quality Soft Cup Packer Machine

Our standard rebuild/Refurbished Machines includes upgrade kits such as:

  • Up to 360 packs per minute
  • PLC conversion built to customers’ specification
  • Optical cigarette ends detectors
  • Vacuum band foil delivery system
  • 1st wheel to 2nd wheel follower forks group
  • Pneumatic conversion of electrical solenoids
  • Oil to grease conversion of 2nd, 3rd and 4th wheel gearboxes
  • Exit clutch on X1
  • Label and stamp reel conversion
  • Level and stamp stack conversion
  • Adjustable stamp hopper
  • Fully integrated guard system interlocked for operator safety

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