Rebuilt GD X2 Hinge Lid Packer

CME offers X2 HLP Machine packers, including fully rebuilt machines, audits, PLC conversions and format kits. We also provide bespoke modification on the machinery when necessary for producing niche and novel products.

Performance and Quality GD X2 HLP

Upgrades and enhancements have been introduced to this established machine to meet the requirements of modern, forward thinking production teams. They include:

  • Up to 400 packs per minute
  • PLC conversion built to customers’ specification
  • Blank pull down kit
  • Gravure gummer including stainless steel pot
  • Rotary lid flap presser
  • 8th wheel assembly
  • P1 section conical shaft set
  • 6th wheel vertical splined shaft kit
  • Upgraded set of X-section/P-section gears
  • Optical cigarette ends detectors
  • Boegli embossing units
  • Vacuum band foil delivery system
  • Foil knife group upgraded to Widia knives and removable slitting knife assembly
  • 1st wheel to 2nd wheel follower forks group
  • 2nd wheel foil plough folders
  • HHS lid flap glue kit
  • Pneumatic conversion of electrical solenoids
  • Chrome pusher shaft set consisting of 35 shafts
  • Coupon units including installation kit

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