Revolutionise Your Tobacco Reclamation: The Future is Here!

Introducing the Tobacco Reclaimer – Efficient, Innovative, and Unparalleled in Performance.

In an industry where efficiency, quality, and innovation are paramount, the Tobacco Reclaimer stands out as the gold standard. Dive into a world where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled performance, ensuring every ounce of tobacco is reclaimed with precision.

Tobacco Reclaimer

The Tobacco Reclaimer can process waste cigarettes/rod breaks at 100Kg per hour. The unique method of opening each cigarette without the use of knives, reduces tobacco degradation to a minimum and eliminates any contamination from filters and paper allowing the tobacco to be immediately available for reuse.

Experience the difference in speed and efficiency.

Experience the Revolution Firsthand!

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    Why the Tobacco Reclaimer is a Game-Changer:

    • Unmatched Efficiency: Process up to 100Kg of waste cigarettes per hour, ensuring you get the most out of every batch.
    • Innovative Design: Our unique method opens each cigarette without knives, preserving the quality of the tobacco and ensuring no contamination from filters and paper.
    • High Recovery Rate: Achieve an impressive 95% tobacco recovery, maximising your returns and reducing waste.
    • Versatility: Whether it’s standard or capsule filters, our machine handles it all with ease.
    • Safety First: With internationally approved overall safety guarding, operate with peace of mind knowing you’re in safe hands.
    • UK Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring highest quality and reliability.

    Discover how our machine can transform your operations and elevate your production to new heights.

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