Automated cannabis packaging machinery can perform a variety of tasks, including filling, sealing, labelling, and sorting cannabis products.

By using automated cannabis packaging machinery, cannabis businesses can increase their production capacity, reduce labour costs, and even improve the consistency and accuracy of their packaging – so, it’s little wonder that demand for this type of intelligent hardware is increasing.

However, a cannabis automation system will only help you to achieve your business goals if you choose the right solution; a decision which pivots on working with the right provider, who not only understands your requirements but has the means to fulfil them.

To help, here’s seven key considerations to make when selecting a cannabis automation system provider…

1. Experience in the sector

understanding the sector

Many manufacturers may claim to understand automation – but do they understand cannabis production?

When a provider is well-versed in the unique challenges and opportunities involved in cannabis processing and distribution, they are empowered to develop packaging solutions that are effective, efficient, and compliant with regulatory requirements.

From the necessity of correct labelling to the importance of maintaining product quality and freshness, providers of cannabis packaging machinery can better serve their customers when they have a rich understanding of their specific needs.

2. Ability to produce bespoke applications

Be cautious of suppliers that can only offer you standard, off-the-shelf equipment. This is often indicative of a provider who is trying to make a quick sale and isn’t invested in the longevity of your business or relationship.

Providers who spend time creating custom solutions often have the edge when it comes to customer focus. They’re far more likely to work with you for the long haul, delivering innovation that keeps up with market changes and pivots on your personal requirements. This will not only enable your business to scale at the pace you need, but creates far easier troubleshooting – without relying on multiple third parties.

3. Proven knowledge within other manufacturing sectors

Although you might not have a personal interest in manufacturing for other industries such as food, beverage or pharmaceuticals, there’s a lot of potential for innovation when these sectors cross-pollenate.

Providers who work with multiple industries – as well as being an expert in your own – are often key to integrating new technology into cannabis production. Demonstrating a breadth of knowledge across the manufacturing spectrum can bring wise perspective, allowing you to establish new processes which stem from tried-and-tested methods.

4. Service and aftermarket support

Never underestimate a company with readily available engineers!

Machinery service issues can cause your entire operation to grind to a halt, affecting not only your profitability, but your hard-earned reputation, too. So, don’t wait until you’re in difficulty to ask who can help; make sure your system provider has a reliable fleet of engineers, for both in-person and remote support – backed up by an agreed SLA.

5. Demonstratable quality of build and output

Although it’s tempting to only consider the purchase price of your machinery, this isn’t always indicative of the solution’s overall value.

Although ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, it’s worth considering if a more modest solution will require more maintenance, and therefore cost you dearly in the months and years that follow. Similarly, if the quality of goods from a budget machine are clearly less favourable than the alternative, you’ll need to think carefully about your business objectives – and whether saving money on the initial purchase will benefit your bottom line over time.

6. Ability to provide multiple payment options

payment options

If you don’t want to compromise on quality when your business is only just getting started, a finance agreement can help you to find the best possible solution to match your budget.

Ideal for growing brands, a selection of payment options can help you to meet your commercial goals, faster – so always ask prospective providers what they can offer.

7. Full support, from installation and beyond

You don’t want to be left high and dry, the second a supplier has your money and delivers their solution. Installation can be a tricky affair, as can training your team to use the product – and the more time you spend getting started, the longer it takes to see return on investment.

Choose a supplier that can offer you commissioning, training and production support, so your company is able to get up and running as fast as possible – while simultaneously maximising everything the solution has to offer.

Why choose CME as your cannabis automation system provider?

CME produce packaging machinery and automation solutions for brand owners and manufacturers worldwide – helping them to create safe, compliant and user-friendly products.

We have…

  • Over 5 years of experience in producing machinery for the cannabis industry. This comes with huge knowledge of how to handle the cannabis product, which is essential to creating high-quality goods that consumers will enjoy.
  • Customers in a wide range of markets, including food, beverage, pharma, medical and tobacco. Our depth of knowledge across the manufacturing sector has put us at the forefront of product innovation, empowering the businesses we work with to achieve success.
  • Reliable support for the lifetime of your machinery. We’ll resolve any service issues by providing remote diagnosis, in-person repairs, spare parts and a dedicated contact for all your service and support needs.
  • A variety of financing options. We want you to access the solutions you need, when you need them. Our financing options will help you make the right choice to match your budget.

If you’d like to talk to our experts about improving the efficiency of your pre-roll production, get in touch today.

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