CME Ltd. are excited to announce AutoCone FLEX, something that is sure to radically change your production process.

The AutoCone is a unique solution for creating perfect cones. It fills, twists, cuts, and closes up to 25  times a minute to create the perfect pre-rolled joint.  Usually priced at $289,000 we understand this is a big investment for any company,  however AutoCone FLEX  gives you the chance to own this machine at the discounted price of $199,000! That’s a discount of $90,000.

It can be difficult to predict future market requirements, and you may feel producing 25 pre rolls a minute is a little unnecessary, at least for now. While you anticipate a growth in production it’s difficult to justify such a large spend at the outset of your new venture. With this in mind, we can supply your new machine at the great price of just $199,000, with an output capacity of up to 15 joints per minute.

If and when you decide to increase production, it’s a simple matter of making a one off payment of $90,000 and our team will increase the production of the machine to its full capacity – up to 25 per min.

This flexible approach lets you get into the market at your own speed. Additionally, you won’t have to find additional space or go through the upheaval of new equipment installation and training. It’s exactly the same machine,  with built in FLEXibility to get you started at your own pace.

The Auto Cone brings exceptional value with top-tier production quality, unmatched consistency, and an adjustable production rate. Have a look at just how good this machine is here. To take advantage of this offer or to get more information, please visit our special offer website page.

Why choose CME as your cannabis automation system provider?

CME produce packaging machinery and automation solutions for brand owners and manufacturers worldwide – helping them to create safe, compliant and user-friendly products.

We have…

  • Over 5 years of experience in producing machinery for the cannabis industry. This comes with huge knowledge of how to handle the cannabis product, which is essential to creating high-quality goods that consumers will enjoy.
  • Customers in a wide range of markets, including food, beverage, pharma, medical and tobacco. Our depth of knowledge across the manufacturing sector has put us at the forefront of product innovation, empowering the businesses we work with to achieve success.
  • Reliable support for the lifetime of your machinery. We’ll resolve any service issues by providing remote diagnosis, in-person repairs, spare parts and a dedicated contact for all your service and support needs.
  • A variety of financing options. We want you to access the solutions you need, when you need them. Our financing options will help you make the right choice to match your budget.

If you’d like to talk to our experts about improving the efficiency of your pre-roll production, get in touch today.

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